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Image by Jürgen Scheeff


In Verdigris performances the voice is media and raw material.

The vocal touch becomes a sound contagion and then an interconnection between elements that inhabit the same environment.

Guided by the voice of the performer, the whole audience becomes the body-voice of a single organism that includes host place and guests.


The interdependence between systems becomes a living element in the ritual vibration of Verdigris' community chants.

Harmonic Circle is the matrix of Verdigris' performative projects.

It is a meeting of choral improvisation free from musical constructs and forms, a community performance, a moment of individual expression and collective impression.


The audience, led through gestural and vocal signals, does not witness the performance but becomes part of it, and, through their own voice, contributes to constructing its dramaturgy of sound.

The spectator is actor.

The actor is medium, channel, empty space.

It is silence, then listening, then voice.


As in a community ritual, the singers find themselves "conductors" of a current of information that crosses them, abandons them, nourishes them, participating in the co-creation of a new vocal landscape, a voicescape built on listening.


The circle allows us to experience harmony, an innate fractal resonance phenomenon, and allows us to approach the sound of our own voices. There's no need of any musical skill or talent, we let the voice flow thanks to our instinct and an acute listening presence. Information relating to harmony is data that we carry tacitly within us, at the cellular level, but to become manifest they need to meet another sound.

We are bearers of a beauty that is revealed thanks to the presence of the other and through the presence of the other.

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