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Harmonic Listening Lab

Listening is the space of sound.

Those who shape the sound, sculpt the matter of silence.

Those who dance with the voice, create impressions in the silence.

From research on living silence, conscious listening, sound contribution, and harmonic encounter, several workshops have emerged. There are permanent workshops, such as "Coro Armonico de Casteddu" in Sardinia, residential workshops, such as those of Voice and Somatic Education conducted with Loretta Morrone in Tuscany, and workshop experiences, such as those conducted at Ex Asilo Filangieri in Naples or MAD - Murate Art District in Florence.

Each formative experience culminates in a performance, a community ritual in which the choir becomes a conscious conductor of sounds, bringing the circle to a deep level of listening to oneself, to others, and to the environment. The result is real symphonies of voices, often structured chants based on the instant transmission of repeated patterns as vocal gestures.

The structure of the workshop meetings, particularly in the community aspect, aims to spread these main elements of the circle - listening, free but conscious expression, vocal gesture, virtuous contagion - to each of our circles, such as the class, family, relationship, or work circles, as well as nature and environment circles. Deep listening and harmonious self-expression can significantly transform these circles.

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