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the resolutionaries

A resolution process can never start with a right answer but must necessarily start with a good question.

The Resolutionaries are a team of coaches, philosophers, artists and thinkers who want to ask these right questions to themselves and to those who will have the pleasure of hearing them.


Davide Piludu Verdigris

Vocal and Host part of the podcast. Artist and voice coach, I deal with paths of personal knowledge through the voice and optimization of artistic, work and daily performances.


Francesca Fiorentino

Apulian origins and a Master Practitioner in NLP, I have an unsolvable compulsion to buy books, a thousand ideas per minute and the courage to always carry them out.


Michela Pau

 curious and wandering philosopher, who is making Coaching his world. NLP Coach, with a specialization in Life Coaching, I work in the HR world, researching, selecting and developing the Person.


Alessandra Ragni

I made my own work of the others, in fact I deal with personnel selection, International Head Hunting, skills assessment and career consultancy. I am a Licensed NLP Coach specialized in the Life, Business and Carreer fields.


Luigi Nuti

Globetrotting engineer and NLP coach. After 20 years of rugby and 10 of martial arts, I am aware that a single performance, even if excellent, cannot go as far as a team that shares the same goal.


Ekaterina Kalmykova

Facilitator of continuous improvement projects of business processes at an important company in the fashion sector. Master Practitioner in NLP and passionate about painting.

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